Educational Symposiums

Making teens better drivers

The money raised goes to an annual student educational symposium on teenage driving. It features her parents and others speaking to over 1,100 students from over 32 different high schools about road awareness. Since 2015, the Foundation has also held a shorter, separate symposium for parents and teachers, educating them on stopping reckless teen drivers.

Educational Seminar for Educators & Administrators

This seminar is for educators, administartors and parents

Providing them the tools & resources to educate teenagers & young adults regarding safety while driving with a hugw emphasis on prevention. this is a COST FREE EVENT that is coordinated by our Foundation with a light meal being provided

La pérdida de una vida valiosa salvará a muchos

Una familia de la Costa Este con la misión de promover el manejo con cuidado para todos

After losing teen daughter in crash, parents take action

Hudson towns honor Verea

Parents sue driver in graduation night death

Rebeka’s family has also established a foundation in her name and launched an awareness campaign to reduce auto accidents among teens. The foundation is gaining the support of friends, lawmakers, public officials – and even strangers, Jorge Verea said.

East Coast Family on a Mission to Promote Safe Driving for All

To keep raising safe driving awareness, a permanent speed machine is stationed at the crash site. A street near the local high school has been named Rebeka Verea Way and Rebeka’s photo and the Foundation logo is displayed on a city police car.

After Death, The Birth Of A Mission

A tragedy sometimes brings an inexplicable strength. In Jorge and Lourdes Verea, it was a strength rooted in refusing to have Rebeka’s death as the last chapter of her life.

They decided to take her death, and the lessons underlying it, to create chapters they’d never envisioned before destiny changed the narrative.

Happiness of being able to give

Thanks to the Goya company for their donation to make this new miracle possible, to the young women who belong to the commissioner’s group who always work with so much love and to the mayor and commissioners.

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Welcome to Rebeka Verea Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is clear – we aim to raise awareness and educate teenagers regarding the dangers of reckless driving. The Foundation works with northern New Jersey High Schools by hosting annual assemblies and symposiums alerting teenagers of the dangers of reckless driving or being a passenger in a car with an irresponsible driver.
We provide financial support to local high schools for their Project Graduation initiatives, intended to create a safe, drug-free and alcohol-free environment for graduating seniors the evening of their high school graduation. The Board of Directors of the Rebeka Verea Foundation is prepared to meet the challenges our community faces with the growing epidemic of casualties as a result of reckless driving.
We are confident we will reach our youth and instill in them a sense of responsibility and awareness which will, ultimately, save lives. In an effort to keep everyone informed of all our achievements and upcoming events, we ask you to visit our website which will be updated on a monthly basis. We hope you enjoy being a part of our mission.
Through your support, we are able to make a huge impact in our community. Our success throughout the past years would not be possible without your generous contributions and donations. As always, we welcome any request or suggestions you may have.

Welcome to Rebeka Verea Foundation

Board of Directors
Jorge L. Verea, M.D.
Mrs. Lourdes Verea
Barbara Perez Rana
Yanet Hernandez
Mary Menendez
Jo-Ann T. Carricarte
Executive Director
Joel Menendez
Bart Mongelli, Attorney
Russell Otero
Anthony Frato
Sue Colacursio Commissioner of W.N.Y.
Michelle Reisner, M.D.
Bernadette Menendez
Violet Marrero
Meliam Gonzales MSN, RN
Mario Barquin CPA
Rosemarie Arnold
Adviser Attorney

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